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Daughters of the Potomac series 

Inspirational author Rita Gerlach writes historical romance with the touching honesty of human failings. Juxtaposing the passion of American Revolutionaries against the restraints of Georgian English society, author Rita Gerlach has created an achingly vivid frame on which to stretch the canvas of her new series. Tracing the painful path a life takes when innocence and love are taken for granted, Before the Scarlet Dawn is an artfully hewn tale of romance tempered by fear — and the hope of love, devastated by war.
~ USA Today ~

Eliza captivates readers with her hardships and struggles. Her unpredictable circumstances make for a character with a relatable and heart-wrenching journey. Gerlach’s writing and characters are addicting. She writes with a convicting and convincing nature.
~ Christian Book Preview ~

Rita Gerlach has written a haunting tale of love and survival. Gerlach's novel is an immensely emotional read with surprising twists I never anticipated. Although the ending was far from what I expected, Rita Gerlach has penned a stunning, tear-jerker novel which will touch the hearts of anyone fortunate enough to to pick up this delightful book.
~ Fresh Fiction Reviews ~

 I was captivated with the characters right from the beginning, and couldn't wait to get to the end of the book to see if the story turned out as I had hoped it would with the blooming romance.
Surrender the Wind

 This novel set after the American Revolution has something for everyone: romance, mystery, comedy and intrigue. The descriptions of the estate, church grounds and characters, especially Seth and Juleah, help bring this novel to life. The writing is so vivid you'll even be able to hear the horses' hoofs and people's voices.
Cheryl Hanson for Romantic Times Book Reviews ~ 4 stars

 I was transported into Colonial times and could not put this book down. I admire an author who can write imagery, that makes me taste, smell, hear, FEEL like I'm in a different place. Rita did this so accurately. She starts in the Virginia wilds, which would be a virgin forest. I've been to virgin forests and she "took" me to another one in the book. Then she took me to England! How she wrote about Ten Width made me feel she was up there with Jane Austen and Charles Dickens. She describes manors, pubs, churches as if she lived in that time period. Oh, and the love stories are set in an era we don't really understand today. How hard to marry for love and not status and money? I think Seth is a modern day Mr. Darcy! I really can't praise this book and the author enough. It needs to be made into a movie for Masterpiece Theatre. 
Austen 'Jane Reviews' ~ 5 stars 

The Rebel's Pledge

 What a beautiful story of Love, trial, and triumph! This will definitely go down as one of my favorites. Beautifully written. One that I would love to read again and again! 

This is one of THE best novels I have ever read! The author did her job in doing research. I absolutely loved this. I thought about it for days after reading it. 

This book was very entertaining. I enjoyed it thoroughly. It had romance, suspense, culture, history and was very well written.  

Once I started this book I could not put it down. Found myself reading in the middle of the night. Very enjoyable read. Will look forward to other books by this author. 

 If you read it I hope you have all day because it is a wonderful page turner. It's one of those books where you just can't stop until you find out what happens. This book kept me on the edge on my seat. Loved it!

 All of Rita's novels are available in ebook and paperback